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Prickly Pear ... Elsewhere


Prickly Pear Wine Recipe

- courtesy of Gary Wilder of Brew Your Own Brew


Yield: 6 gallons

Starting Gravity 1.005

Alcohol by Volume: 10%



Prickly pears frozen full 6.5 bucket

1 can 46oz Alex. Wine grape concentrate

4lbs corn sugar (dextrose)

1/3 oz Acid Blend

4 tsp Pectic enzyme

1.5 tsp yeast nutrient

5 Campden tablets



1. Thoroughly clean and sanitize all brewing equipment.

2. Freeze prickly pear until solid (usually 2 days).

3. When solid remove from freezer and put into a 6.5 gallon food grade bucket with lid and let set out until completely thawed. (press).

4. Pour the juice through a strainer covered with cheese cloth to completely remove any fine stickers. Smash the furit with a spoon a couple of times to get as much juice as possible.

5. Mix all ingredients and add water to lower specific gravity to 1.060 in a 6.5 gallon fermenter. Attach an airlock.

6. Let set for one day.

7. Add sherry yeast.

8. Let must ferment for 3 to 4 weeks or until no activity is noticeable in airlock.

9. Rack (transfer) to sanitized secondary glass fermenter and let set for 30 days.

10, Rack again and let clear - when specific gravity reaches 1.005 or lower and must is clear your wine is ready to bottle.

11. Rack to a bottling bucket and bottle immediately.

12. Wine will be ready to drink in about 9 months.


All ingredients are available at Brew Your Own Brew







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