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About Us - EMVIA

Beneficiary of the Prickly Pear Festival


EMVIA, (Educating and Mentoring for the Visually Impaired Association), is a non profit that was created to help the visually impaired, family and friends cope with issues arising from that challenge.


EMVIA is the brain child of the Tharin family after dealing with and helping Mitzi, a mother, daughter and wife, deal with her onset of vision loss. Mitzi began losing her sight to Retinitis Pigmentosa over 27 years ago. Her mother, Nancy did all she could to help her out, research resources, only to find there are many available but no clearing house to help people find specifically what is available to them. Sometimes you don’t know the question to ask so how can you find the answer?


As Mitzi’s career has touched many with vision challenges (she is the manager at Sun Sounds of Arizona) she has had the opportunity to talk to many who were experiencing what she did and does, on a day to day basis. She has walked the walk so can talk the talk and her real life experiences connect with the people she spoke with – they understood she understood what they were going through.


EMVIA offers assistance to all who want it, in two formats - offering direct mentoring. How do you organize your wardrobe or clean the kitchen? How do you know one one dollar bill from one five dollar bill? EMVIA knows or knows someone who does know!


Secondly EMVIA has a website,, that is ever evolving, always being added to – with articles on visually impairment issues, resources available, and links to stores with items to help in the day to day business of life.





All proceeds benefit the non profit, EMVIA, Educating and Mentoring for the Visually Impaired Association. EMVIA empowers visually impaired people and their friends and families to deal with issues arising from that impairment. EMVIA provides them with a resource that identifies information specifically designed to meet their unique needs and encourages them to achieve their full participation in the community.