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Welcome to many things Prickly Pear!


This celebration is all things deliciously prickly pear.


It's amazing the different and many prickly pear options there are in Tucson. Restaurants use it as an ingredient in their recipes; the juice can be harvested for beverages (margaritas, lemonade, wine and even beer!), recipe books have been written, it is said to have medicinal properties, it is inspiration for many different types and styles of art and Tucson has its very own Prickly Pear Park!


Although not our state plant (that honor belongs to Texas) the prickly pear offers a lot to celebrate and enjoy, and this month-long event brings it together. There will be something for everyone.


Check the Prickly Pear Festival page for information on events and specials in and around Tucson.


Visit frequently as the web site will be updated as vendors, restaurants, artists, and all other entities prickly pear sign up.






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All proceeds benefit the non profit, EMVIA, Educating and Mentoring for the Visually Impaired Association. EMVIA empowers visually impaired people and their friends and families to deal with issues arising from that impairment. EMVIA provides them with a resource that identifies information specifically designed to meet their unique needs and encourages them to achieve their full participation in the community.